Advanced Industrial Automation offers services to help you and your organization during every phase of industrial automation:


We can consult with you and your staff.  Our expertise resides in

  • Communications

  • Data Mining

  • Instrumentation and Controls (I&C)

We can help you overcome reporting and integration challenges between different systems.


We can design or upgrade your electrical, instrumentation, control, or communications network.  We provide turnkey solutions for your enterprise.

Integration / Programming

We provide integration and programming services.  We program and configure

  • PLC

  • RTU


  • OIT

  • HMI

  • Instrumentation

  • Telemetry

  • Data reporting systems

We provide startup services.


We can troubleshoot your electrical, instrumentation, and control issues.  Communication and data exchanges are also our area of expertise.


We can provide education and training for you and your staff to troubleshoot instrumentation and control issues more effectively.  There is no substitute for hands-on training on the equipment and systems that your staff is responsible for.  In addition to providing operator training, we can also produce a DVD training video of your startup.